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 Water shortage Iran protests turn deadly with security forces killing demonstrators

water shortage Iran protests minIran HRM - July 18, 2021: Three days of Water shortage Iran protests in the southwestern Khuzestan, south Province have turned deadly, with the state security forces killing at least two protesters.

Ghasem Khozeiri, 17, who was shot and wounded by security forces during Friday protests in Kuta Abdullah, Ahvaz, died later at the hospital.

According to local reports, Mostafa Naeemawi, was shot and killed on the same day in the restive cities of Ahvaz and Shadegan.

The state-run IRNA News Agency confirmed a young man was killed and said “seditionists” shot Mostafa during in the protests. The regime uses the word seditionists to refer to protesters.


Iran International - July 15, 2021: A hardliner newspaper in Iran, Kayhan, financed and supervised by the office of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has said Thursday that walking dogs in public places is a “fundamental problem” for the country.

Kayhan called walking dogs in public a product of “western lifestyle” among Iranians and demanded that judicial, police and local officials strongly confront the practice. 

Shiite clerics teach their followers that dogs are “Najes” or filthy and a good Muslim should not touch them or keep them as a pet.

In recent days police have started to confront people walking their dogs in streets and parks. In one incident which became viral on social media two police officers assaulted a dog owner and one even aimed his gun at the man.

Tortured Sharif University students still detained in high-security ward

drapery shop owner and female models arrested in IranJudicial authorities arrest drapery shop owner and several female models

Iran HRM - July 12, 2021: Following the publication of a video from the opening of a drapery shop in which female models are present without hijab, Iran’s judiciary reported the arrest of some people.

On Sunday, July 11, a video of the ceremony was posted on social media, featuring a number of women in ballgowns as models.

The Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Mahabad said that five people including the shop owner and those who were present as models at the opening, have been arrested.

Mehrab Pourakbar told the state-run ILNA news agency that the five detainees were charged with “non-observance of customs and morals, unconventional propaganda and non-observance of religious norms.”

Iran doctor says COVID-19 patients dying in hospitals during Tehran’s blackouts

Iranian hospitalIran News Wire - July 5, 2021: An Iranian doctor told a state-run news agency that COVID-19 patients on ventilators have passed away during Tehran’s blackouts. Speaking to Rokna, Dr. Mohammad-Reza Hashemian said between the time electricity goes out and the emergency power kicks in, hospital patients on ventilators face life-threatening conditions and have even died.

Dr. Hashemian, an ICU specialist at Tehran’s Masih Daneshvari Hospital, posted a video on his Instagram account showing patients on ventilators in critical condition during a blackout.

The voice heard in the video which shows three patients in the dark CCU rooms of an Iranian hospital says patients are “expiring” because the emergency power has not been connected. The video, which has been circulating on social media, has caused outrage.

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